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Happy Daze

Do you ever get that feeling you are meant to go somewhere because great things are about to happen? You can't argue with that voice inside, so you follow your instinct and go. Although I had to wait around for three weeks before Happy Daze festival, I just knew it would be worth the wait. I'm not a patient person and I quickly get tired of things, so I divided my time between rainforests, parties in Airlie Beach, boat trips in the Whitsundays and creative days in Mackay. I've never been more prepared for a festival. Golden glitter, hair paint, two big eskies full of barbeque meat, bags of ice and all kinds of colourful drinks. Yes, even the barbie and chairs fit in the car, so it ended up being the most comfortable rave I've ever had. All thanks to my friend Pete, the most organised person you will ever meet. What we didn't expect was that the nights were freezing cold. I spent hours sitting next to the fire, drinking goon and making new friends. One of them turned out to be one of my favourite persons in the whole galaxy. The festival was an amazing party with lots of happy familiar faces, music 24 hours a day, palm trees as far as the eye could see, glow in the dark frisbee and dancing like a real ravin' hippie.

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