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Can you believe I’m already halfway through my Belgian journey? Yes, you read it right: I’m not here to stay. That was never the plan. I love coming back here for sweet little visits and hangs, but soon I start craving other lands and new horizons. Forever restless, or just failing to feel Belgian? Call it what you want, I like it all. Embracing that feeling of being a tourist in my homeland, being in awe of its hidden treasures and warm people.

I’m a sucker for rituals and traditions. Like going back to places I used to spend a lot of time in. At the moment I'm house sitting the apartment in Brussels I lived in for 1,5 years before moving to New Zealand. It's so nice waking up there, writing my morning pages in the sun with some cats purring on my lap. Then taking my bike to roll down the street to have a coffee in my favourite cafe. Just like the old days! That is also exactly the reason I will never be able to see the entire world. I enjoy going back to places I love too much.

And that, my friends, is why I have a one way ticket to Valencia burning in my pocket. The city where I studied for six months in 2009 (god I feel old) will be my new playground for the next while. I am flying in about five weeks, and those last five weeks in Belgium I will spend nourishing my soul like I have been doing since I got back. Except for the covid experience, fingers crossed. Loving all this time to spend with dear friends and family before embarking on yet another journey. I know, I can't sit still.

If you want to meet up for a Belgian coffee before I leave again, message me! If you would like a Poison Ivy poetry book delivered to you with a hug or a social distanced hand kiss, slide in my DMs!

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