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Why there should be twelve Novembers a year

Everyone loves November! If you forget about the freezing temperatures, the depressing dark days (I'm talking Belgium here), the fact that wherever you go, you will arrive smelling like wet dog, the general low mood and blue hands, but focus on the one good thing that makes November wear the Month Of The Year crown. No, not the hot chocolate picnics or the endless cuddling in front of the fire place. I'm talking about the MUSTACHES. All of them! The eleventh month of every year turns into the beautiful month of Movember. I don't know about you, but furry upper lips make me do happy dances around the streets of Wellington. After nearly nine hours of hitchhiking from Napier to Windy Welly, the first thing I noticed was the evening breeze blowing wind through the mustache of each and every man we passed. I felt at home right away. This is the idea: men stop shaving their mustaches for 30 days. By doing this in Movember, gentlemen (men with mustaches are allowed to be named gentlemen, whether or not they open doors and carry heavy bags) highlight mens health issues and raise funds for charities like The Prostate Cancer Foundation. While friends at home don't mind a warm hairy face in wintertime, in sunny New Zealand men take Movember to another level. Not one kiwi dares to show his face to the world without at least a couple of proud hairs shining underneath his nose. And Wellington seems to be the place where they all get together and walk around, waving their furry faces in the wind. I don't think I ever want to leave this city.

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