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Fast and furious

I'm not even going to try and hide my enthusiasm: WE HAVE A CAR! Does this mean I am a grown up now? I don't have a license, but I'm proudly sharing motherhood with Tinne over our first born car. Our own little rental pussy wagon, named Boris. The past weeks, we spent our days cruising along the West Coast like there is no tomorrow. At least if cruising means driving on the left hand side of winding roads where you can hardly reach 20 km an hour. Tinne driving, me shuffling (like a DJ, not a member of LMFAO) and both singing.

As we are two girls road tripping around New Zealand, I decided the music should be as female as possible. You can't play Shania Twain in a car full of guys now can you? Only Britney Spears can meet the love of her life while blasting 'man, I feel like a woman' in his ears in Crossroads. We are no Britneys, so our throats got soar from shouting along with Nina Simone, Tracy Chapman, Justin Timberlake and all boysbands in the world. The blue car is ours, the silver one just stood there to pose with.

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