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Peace, love and rainbows

I'll warn you before you read on: this one is about rainbows, animals and the new Woodstock. We've become gypsies with hippie minds. We might look like normal backpackers hidden under a thick layer of dust and sun screen. But on the inside we are little girls, without any responsibilities, without life plans, but with the biggest smiles and a love for rainbows that's hard to explain. So you can imagine our ecstatic happiness when we were cruising on a boat along Milford Sound and witnessed A DOUBLE RAINBOW. Best day of my life. We saw seals as well! Usually I'm not the biggest animal fan, but these guys were just so cool. Enjoying their lazy lives on a rock. Being all slimy and awesome. Like huge naked snails. Afterwards, when we travelled on the East Coast, we saw yellow eyed penguins and I decided to become an animal friend. And penguins are my bffs. More on the hippie side of life, we went to a party in Queenstown (we went to a lot of parties in Queenstown) called Worldstock. Exactly, a tiny version of Woodstock in the World Bar. Dressed up like proper hippies (picnic blanket used as a skirt and eyeliner all over the place) we danced barefoot to live music. The place was covered in grass, long haired wigs and psychedelic decoration. We felt at home right away.

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