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Home sweet Melbourne

On our first day in Melbourne we fell in love with the city and decided to stay here for a while. The second day we found a lovely crazy house in funky neighbourhood Fitzroy. So yes, I'm settled down even though I can't sit still for one minute. So many things to discover! Fitzroy is an amazing neighbourhood full of cool bars, vintage shops, live music and pink haired people. It's Melbournes way of saying: forget about London, we have our own piece of Camden. Lots of travellers get stuck in Fitzroy and I understand why. So it's a bit tricky to start our Australian trip here, because let's face it: we might never leave. I enjoyed St Kilda too, especially their great coffee bars where they serve salmon and vodka for breakfast. Or water in vodka bottles. But I hate pigeons, and St Kilda is their hood. So Fitzroy is where the heart is. Where our kitschy cosy home is, stuffed with flea market goodness. Where the open air swimming pool is actually the place where all good looking people of Melbourne unite. Where Santa has taken over peoples brains and houses and parks. Where pubs and shops eat our money. Good times are rolling.

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