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Christmas craze

While Aussies are going nuts for Christmas, I'm still not feeling the jingle bell vibe.The sun is shining, temperatures climbed to 40 degrees a couple of days ago and St Kilda beach is packed. And still families are decorating their houses and cooking festive meals. What's wrong with you people? How can you celebrate Christmas in summer? In December I'm used to wearing sweaters and blankets and sitting in front of the fire place. And I'm probably still cold at that point. Grey Belgium is good for one thing only: the cosy Christmas parties. Putting on gold glitter dresses and drinking hot wine with cinnamon while it's freezing outside. I'm not going to lie: I miss the kitschy Christmas markets where you can buy pancakes and meat on a stick. Where the live music is horrible but hey it's Christmas so you secretly kinda like it. On Christmas Eve we decided to keep the tradition alive of having a big Christmas meal, even though we already had to buy new clothes two sizes bigger because we started to look like sausages in our tight skirts. It might be bikini season in Australia, but our bodies are used to Belgian winter this time of the year. That's not a real reason for the extra layer of fat is it? Ah well, we've been enjoying all good food we've come across. And after six weeks, that ain't nothing. So the 24th we joined our Italian friends on a dinner party.There was lots of pasta and even more red wine. Later on we waved the Italians goodbye, got in a taxi, drove to the countryside and danced till the sun came up at a house party. The next day we woke up with a smile, seeing the kitchen table full of presents and Christmas cards from Brett, the guy we share a house with. Crazy Christmasloving Aussies. I want to stay here forever.

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