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Low life

In Flemish, 'Melbourne' means party. Every night we have the famous Saturday Night Fever and every day feels like another lazy Sunday. No, we don't have a job and yes, we love this low lifer life. Because we are in Melbourne and there is plenty of stuff to do to keep you occupied. Like breakfast. And drinking cocktails on rooftops. We live next to the most awesome open air swimming pool, but these days it's too hot to even move. Or trying to fit a sweaty body in a tiny bikini. The only reason you would walk down Brunswick Street in 41 degrees is to run into every shop/bar/restaurant that has air conditioning. And then buy things just to be polite. Yesterday we took a tram to Docklands. It wasn't what we expected. We expected an air conditioned tram, but we got the sweaty one. With closed doors and windows. And wet ass-shaped seats. So we arrived sticky and salty like toffee pudding. Docklands is to Melbourne what Blankenberge is to Belgium, so not our cup of tea. To our lovely surprise we discovered a new street in the city center - we didn't see it before, so yes it's new. Where bars are hidden in basements and on rooftops and live music is playing. I love how this city is hiding cool places that you only discover by accident, if you walk in the smallest alleys. Please don't think we've been partying and eating non-stop, we have other things to do. Like dancing in parks, looking at plants while wine tasting, respecting the house rules and drinking cocktails with tons of fruits - vitamins!

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