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Colour the streets

Some get creative with hair, others paint the streets of Melbourne. A city stops feeling blue and turning grey when artists can go crazy and do their own thing. Whether it's writing your name on a plant, drawing water faces on the pavement or stick plastic mustaches on the wall. Or how about naming streets after Dame Edna, Batman and AC/DC? No need to say how much I love this city. It inspires me to create new things, write down long stories and buy horse shaped stickers. My everlasting love for the ugly stuff reaches a high. Do you remember seeing that glitter dress with silver flowers in the shop and thinking to yourself 'who would ever spend money on this ugly bastard?' I bought the monster. I also bought a playsuit that looks like a proper costume, golden bow tie and everything. For when I have to go to a prom and dress up like a man. And then the sun started to shine brighter then ever when I saw a Wham cd for only a couple of dollars. I bought it and it made me feel really good inside. So Melbourne inspired me to consume and spend money on ridiculously great crap. My dollars and creativity are running wild. Sun block, big jumps, hair in the wind. And go! Four more days in this city of artistic madness.

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