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Goodbye brekkie

We couldn't leave Melbourne without a big goodbye brekkie, so we headed for The Red Tongue on Brunswick street for some good old loving in the form of salmon and eggs. With tear-streaked cheeks we stuffed our faces one last time before we would hop on two different planes. Tinne decided to explore Sydney, while I was craving Tasmanian adventures. These last two months of travelling together have been rock 'n roll. We shared stories, cars, jetlags, a tent, food (people who know me can tell this is pretty spectacular), late night dance moves, funny moments, sticky situations, hyperenergetic enthusiasm and a bed. Marriage in a nutshell. It's going to be hard to fill the void that's left now Tinne is not near me 24/7 anymore. Who else understands the need to laugh with your own jokes so hard you snort? And who else can listen to your woes over bottomless cups of coffee and ice cream and pie? Utter heartbreak.

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