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Couch surfing in Kingston

Do you know the feeling when you wake up and all of a sudden you have a dog? It means YOU'RE COUCH SURFING AGAIN! And that usually means you're experiencing new things. Like eating blue berry jelly out of a cocktail glass. Or playing a game called 'Articulate' in English and not having a clue what all these words mean but still trying to make the others guess what the hell you're doing by making a fool of yourself. Who would have thought a word game could make you sweat like a fake blonde fat Belgian chick? It was also my first time to walk a dog out at the beach. I've never had a dog before and well, the Belgian beach is not what you would call 'a beach'. The North Sea is rather green and slimy with brown foam at the end of the waves. So I prefer this beautiful rocky place.

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