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Hobart. What can I say about Hobart? The capital of Tasmania is a port town with expensive seafood and an ice skate rink in the middle of summer. But most of all, it's pretty. And I don't feel any love for pretty things. I have a long term romance with ugly stuff. Because too much ugliness is barely enough. And if you don't agree with that, you ain't half as hip as you think you are. I like London, Berlin, Glasgow, Bangkok and oh how I love Brussels. The Belgian capital is about as beautiful as a lump of coal, but it's full of rock 'n roll. Not for the faint harted. Hobart has no edges, no garbage, no rats, no dark alleys, no grey industrial areas, no clandestine whisky drinking. It's just another town sitting there, being lovely. While Brussels is swearing like a trooper, Hobart is a true lady. And I'm not.

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