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Jolly good family fun

I was lucky to meet couch surfer Phil, who offered me a free ride all the way from Hobart to Ulverstone. It was a gorgeous day, too sunny for a road trip. So we stopped along the way to buy juicy apricots and walk to the Liffey falls. As we arrived in the tiny town of Ulverstone, Phil invited me to his parents' house for fresh fish on the barbecue and some good ol' wholesome family fun. His parents, Zelma and Bill, are lovely. they are in their eighties and they have plenty of stories to share, so I ended up staying at their house for two days. I didn't only enjoy 48 hours of childhood memories and tales only grandparents can tell, I also got a guide to drive me around the North of Tassie. Bill put on his hiking boots to take me for a walk to the Leven Canyon. Later I confessed I had never seen a platypus in my life. He laughed until the earth moved and brought me to a lake where we waited for an hour to see the funny animal. On our way, we passed a couple of poppy fields and about a zillion Dutch people. In the mean time, Zelma prepared a pavlova Nigella Lawson would kill for. I'm sure if we could all sink our teeth in Zelmas pavlova every day, the world would be a better place. Children would rejoice, old people would be dancing on tables, John Lennon would reincarnate and world peace would be reality.

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