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Look mommy, I'm a farmer!

Oh how I enjoyed staying on a farm in teeny tiny Flowerdale. I couch surfed Sue and Max' lovely farm for five days and let me tell you, there is no better place on earth. Imagine waking up to a view of nothing but green fields and happy cows every morning. Then head to the kitchen where home made porridge is waiting for you. While you find yourself a nice place in the sun to read your book, you pick some juicy pieces of fruit from the trees next to the house. Sue would look for all kinds of veggies from the garden to prepare a colourful salad for lunch. Then you can help Max out in the nursery, where music is played and smiles are generous. In the afternoon, cows need to be milked and the ocean needs to be snorkled. So you head to one of the gorgeous beaches on the North-West coast. Sweet fruits taste best on salty lips. And there's plenty of them in Flowerdale. Life as a poor traveller is bloody good.

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