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Laneway Festival

Also known as the day I danced my ass off. Melbourne decided to turn up the heat and make people boogie in skirts and shorts. The party was happening around the Footscray arts center, located smack bang in the middle of trains and trees and with the gorgeous view of the Melbourne skyline. So for one time, I didn't start the day spreading out with a newspaper and catching the morning sun. This time Kings of convenience woke me up with slow moves and beautiful songs. Is there a better way to start the day? No. A girl fainted after seven minutes and I completely understand. My cup of sweet morning coffee came in the form of High Highs. I'm happy to announce the arrival of my very first psychedelic dance moves in Australia to the etheral pop of a band called Snakadaktal. They know exactly how to lay down some spacious tunes as you drink, dance and flail amongst the trees. One of the artists I have been looking forward to seeing for months is Polica. The voice I was singing along to every day on my last job in Brussels finally came to Australia. The perfect excuse for me to sing as loud as possible and wave my arms and legs around. Until I noticed Jessie Ware had been standing next to me the whole time. I got a bit star struck seeing such a pretty human being moving with such grace. I kinda felt like a potato next to the Queen of Elegance. So I walked away as graceful as a potato can be and found emotional stability in a plate of dumplings. As Chet Fakers smooth voice reached my ears I knew I found the love of my life right there. Don't even get me started on his luscious beard. His music makes me want to wear diamond cocktail dressed everywhere and go to diners in my Cadillac. Alt-J turned the warm Sunday afternoon into an open air hipster fest. I loved it, but mostly because the memories of seeing them in the small AB club in Belgium made me smile like a retard. And then! The men I have been waiting for my whole life! The coolest kids on the block, the only band that can make me go completely crazy and forget where I am. The main reason why I have been running around on Laneway Festival all day: Yeasayer! Yes, I was one of the girls on the front row going nuts over every single song and every movement they make. Hell, I laugh at all of their jokes, even when they are not that funny or I don't really understand them JUST because man, they make me dance. They set my world on fire and they sure did so in Melbourne. After Yeasayer I shaked my booty to Flume and Nicolas Jaar. It was superficial shaking though. Yeasayer were the ones who got my all.

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