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Sweet madness

The story takes place in Melbourne. After days of festivals, bumping into the funky Yeasayer guys, free concerts, meeting awesome people, open air swimming pools, arty night markets and many many summer cocktails on rooftop terraces, I thought nothing could improve the sweetness of life. But there it was. The note from the post office saying there is a parcel for me to pick up. A big fat cardboard box with my name written on it. It had travelled all the way from Belgium to Australia with one goal only. To make me miss home. As I tore the tape off, the box screamed: "Come back to Belgium!!! And gain fifteen kilos before doing so!" All different shapes and sizes of chocolate seemed to be dancing in front of my eyes as I unwrapped my late Christmas presents. I felt my face turning red as I found myself sitting next to a pile of sweets and choccies nearly reaching the ceiling. Ever since that day I have been walking around with a huge smile and a bag filled with sweet deliciousness. And I can tell you, I made a whole lot of friends.

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