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Treasure Island

I never want to wake up from this dream life. It's getting hard to remember what it's like to have responsibilities. Or an alarm clock, rainy days and bad moods. They don't seem to exist in Australia. There is nothing but adventures and good times to be found in this country. You don't even have to search hard to fall into a hole in the ground and slide from one crazy experience to another. It helps to be naive and joyful like a four year old. To believe in illusions, magic and the fact that chocolate can ease the pain when your ass hits the floor. Because it happens, especially when you trust all the people around you. Including the old pervs who stand in line to pick up a female hitchhiker. The ones that don't stop winking and looking at your legs for the whole ride. But I've been lucky and apart from some nasty stares and propositions you won't find in the bible, nothing bad ever happened. I don't want to jinx it and I'm knocking on wood, but I think it helps to see the good in people. Oh wait, that is the four year old inside of me speaking. She seems to be taking over a lot lately. About every single day. I love to live my big childish dreams and treat this country as my treasure map. Looking for the hidden treasures and doing little happy dances whenever I find a million golden coins and diamonds. I haven't yet found suitcases full of dollar bills or piles of gold. But I did find a ten dollar note in the tumble dryer when I was looking for my shoes. There has been lots of happy dancing when I arrived on Kangaroo Island. Marked with a red X on my treasure map, KI grabbed my attention. And holy moly me oh my, what a paradise. While a lot of visitors turn the island into an entertaining day trip, I spent two weeks enjoying this stunning spot. Gazing at seals, dolphins and gorgeous landscapes until my eyeballs fell out of my head. I was also a very popular attraction for kangaroos. I believe they find my smile charming. Or they just loved the way I smelled like sweet and sour sauce after yet another tragic kitchen accident.

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