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Mustache fest

There are three things in life I can never get enough of: music festivals, great food and facial hair. When all of that comes together, there is no way you can wipe the ridiculously big smile off my face. WOMADelaide was like a dream coming true. I was working for the Gourmet Goons who owned a wonderful food stall at the festival. Exactly, the guys with the furry upper lips who picked me up from Kangaroo Island. They served fabulous meals like kangaroo burgers, fish noodles and tofu with satay sauce I would love to take a dip in. The Goons invited over some friends from Byron and all of a sudden I was living together with seven other cool kids. We shared a house and spent our days preparing food and drinking corona like there was no tomorrow. While chopping up strawberries and onions and all other vegetables and fruit you can think of, we danced around and sang along to oldskool hip hop tunes. And the best part of the job: we got to dress up like men, mustaches and everything. No need to say I had the time of my life. Working hard but playing hard too. Let's not forget we were showing off our mustaches at one of the best world music festivals in the world. So after our shift we had time to get rid of our leftover energy by dancing to Jimmy Cliff, The Cat Empire and The Herd. Or just strolling about in our fancy shirts and ties.

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