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Vintage shops and climbing rocks

After a week of wearing mustaches, working and dancing in Adelaide, it was time for me to get on the move again. My feet got itchy but my heart longed for Melbourne. Friends needed to be kissed and stories were craving to be told. Letters were waiting for me to read and miss home. Aagje, Anso, Ine and Katleen, you girls rock my world. I felt like taking a plane to Brussels just to kiss your faces until they are completely covered in red lipstick and then fly back to continue my Aussie adventures. A guy named Ronnie offered me a ride in his van all the way from Adelaide to Melbourne. Ronnie loves vintage shops and rock climbing. It took us three days of shopping and climbing to get to our destination. I got a major crush on one hell of an ugly flower dress with shoulder pads. I couldn't stop wearing it for days and nights. One sunny morning I forgot about my love for the dress and fear of heights and climbed a rock. Like an elegant monkey I made my way to the top. I thought I would crash and die about two hundred times but I survived! I never felt more sporty in my life.

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