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Melbourne: part 3

For the third time in three months, I found myself wandering around the small alleyways of my beloved Melbourne. The city girl part of me felt at ease as the city smell entered my nose and I got sucked into the big crowds of people in the center. Soon my body fell back in the ritual of morning walks, story telling and drinks before noon with beautiful friends. The faces in Fitzroy and the couches of my favourite bar The Black Cat felt comfortingly familiar. My home in between travels. And like every time, Melbourne had something new in store for me. I'm always the one screaming in the front row at concerts, but not this time. I had to keep completely still, no moving, whispering or laughing during two hours. For the first time in my life I went to a classical concert. I stood out from the fancy crowd a bit with my hideous flower dress and I had to borrow shoes from a friend because I live in my havaianas. My fabulous looking friends like to believe that every hobo can be transformed into a shiny diamond when holding a glass of champagne. So as we arrived at The Recital Center we headed straight for the bar and sipped champagne like we do it all the time. I secretly loved it, because I'm used to wearing the same comfy clothes, hitchhiking and sleeping on beaches. And all of a sudden I was acting like someone who knows what she was doing, hanging out with posh people. The concert was magnificent. I forgot about everything around me and my head was completely filled with music. The day before was spent in a slightly different way: celebrating Saint Patricks. The day Irish pubs all over the world get packed with people wearing green outfits and drinking liters of beer. The same thing happened in Melbourne: hundreds of drunk guys with green hats, Irish bands and lots of beer. It has been years, probably since I lived in valencia in 2009, that I visited a zoo. Which is strange because a garden full of funny animals has the same effect on me as six cans of redbull on a kid. As soon as we got the map of the zoo in our hands I started freaking out. "O MY GOD THEY HAVE GIANT TURTLES!!! AND MEERKATS! OOOH LOOK ZEBRAS! THE LIONS ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK BUT I WANT TO SEE THEM NOW!! A BUTTERFLY GARDEN?! ELEPHANTS! I WANT TO SEE THE BABY ELEPHANT!!" Best day of my life.

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