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Happy hippies

After a week of Melbourne I longed for less grey buildings and more ocean. During the flight to Byron I transformed from concrete loving city chick to hard core hippie. My awesome friend Gem picked me up from the airport in the mustached van and drove me straight to the beach. Salt in my nose and sand in my teeth. I needed this. After a pesto party in a backyard full of Buddha statues, I jumped in Gems lovely green van named Salvador. Driving straight through Byron, we turned the music up and headed for Mullumbimby. The air felt fresh and the palm trees were rising from the ground as we entered hippie capital Mullum. Long skirts got dusted off, shoes were hidden from the planet and the balcony was filled with red velvet couches. All of a sudden I was living in a beautiful jungle house with three gorgeous girls. Days were spent cooking organic food, finding treasures at garage sales, reading old books, diving in the waves and doing yoga. When the moon started to shine and the mozzies went crazy, we would all fit under the mosquito net and talk love while drinking wine.

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