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Whenever I felt a bit overwhelmed by the amount of beards at Bluesfest, I would run to the Gourmet Goons for my daily dose of magnificent mustaches. And when my face turned purple from dancing like the queen of boogie, they would calm me down with fabulous plates of kangaroo or tofu. If you are in desperate need of an extra pair of legs to dance with, awfully funky dress up costumes and food so good it makes the fat kid inside of you do push ups so it can eat even more, go see the Goons. They have a magic hat filled with recipes, rainbows and unicorns to make your life look all shiny. I'm not sure whether it was Jerry's 8-shaped mustache or Max' tight yellow Kill Bill outfit, but I can tell you one thing: I want to marry them both. And not just for the Australian passport.

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