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Big spender

Foodies and friends of the chocolate addicts community ahoy! Welcome to the Byron Bay market, where sushi rolls scream your name and colourful dishes from all over the world are waiting to get on your plate. I was over the moon when I discovered my favourite food was being served: Belgian chocolate goodness. Oh, the joy! But the magic of the market goes further than just edible happiness. In between vintage finds grandma would be jealous of and dresses that look just right for twirling around and singing with animated bluebirds, I found a beautiful hula hoop. It didn't occur to me I will have to carry it all around Australia, together with my backpack and tent. I also forgot that I can't actually hoop. So I bought it. Rest assured, I know what I'm doing. All I needed was an outfit to make the hip shaking easier so the hoop would stay where it's supposed to be. The universe must have heard my thoughts because a couple of minutes later I found a pair of red fluffy hula hoop shorts. Yes, it is and existing thing. Shorts for hula hooping. They fit perfect with my brand new shiny hoop. That's what the lady in the shop said. Stop looking at me like that.

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