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The love van

If life is one big trip, the Aussie life is one hell of a road trip. I must be the only person who ever arrived in this country without a driver's license. It's not only a very silly thing to do, it's also unashamedly cool. Because you get to drive along with funky people. I'm happy when I'm hitchhiking and a car stops, but if you want to see the biggest smile in the world, you'll have to be original. There is nothing better than getting picked up by trucks, buses, taxis or vans. And when your van has a mustache or disco lights and goes by the name 'The Love Van', I'm all ears. Jess threw Chris and me in The Love Van for a road trip from Mullumbimby, over the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise to Brisbane. Everything was going swimmingly in our van full of surfboards, hula hoops and frou frou. We camped on the beach, woke up with a view and lived the good life. If any decisions needed to be made, the book of answers would help us to find the right track. Ah, the simple life!

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