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Welcome to an urban jungle called Brisbane, Brissy for the locals and Brisvegas for the tourists. A place so grey it satisfies my love for huge shiny buildings and plain ugliness. Like a kid in a concrete candy shop I walked around with wide open eyes and mouth, taking pictures of every depressing office building and all things yuk. I even spent a long sunny afternoon on a ferry that goes all around the center, so I could really soak up the city views. Apart from being just another Aussie city, Brisbane is also a beacon of culture, offering a sexy smorgasbord of art-house cinema, flirty foreign films and creamy coffees. That's exactly how rainy days were spent: in art galleries and cinemas. I was delighted to see there was an exhibition going on all the crazy stuff Queenslanders collect. From the typical surfboard collection over slightly strange things to hold on to like pineapples to just creepily weird stuff that makes your stomach jump out of your body and run to the nearest exit. Yes, I'm talking about a dedicated 15 year old collection of finger- and toenails. That was enough culture for me.

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