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Road tip to Noosa

After Gemma and I got married in his garden, Rainer took me and his yellow van on a road trip to Noosa. A honeymoon without my wife. After hugging her goodbye, I felt the undeniable desire to take a big afternoon swim in Jacob's Creek. We drove to a normal creek instead, which was also very nice. I was just floating around in the clear water when I saw a snake brutally devouring an innocent frog. It all looked very dramatic, the frog's legs hanging out of the snake's mouth, spastically shaking before they would turn into minced meat. I didn't feel like swimming anymore. Later that day I met the house of my dreams, bought pineapples for good karma and ate a family pack of fish and chips before I would spend countless days in a foetal position wailing about my faraway wifey. However much I love her, there was no time for sobbing. Instead I went for a motorbike ride (I was sitting on the back, so no one would get hurt) played in the ocean, enjoyed some late night jams and went on a camping trip on the beach.

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