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A thousand lives

When I was 13 I got myself a head full of dreadlocks. I used to go on shopping trips to Brussels where I spent all my pocket money on long Indian skirts with shiny bells. In summer I would wear my dreads on top of my head like a pineapple, get a pair of big earrings and forget about shoes. I travelled everywhere in my mind, waiting for the day I was old enough to leave cold Belgium and go on endless adventures. Live a thousand lives and be absolutely free. Ten years later I'm hitchhiking around Australia and playing a different role every day. I just love telling stories. But it gets boring answering the same questions in every single car that picks me up. Where are you from? What do you do for a living? Some days I'm from Belgium, but on weekends I enjoy being Scandinavian, South African or the princess of a place far far away, where they eat spaghetti for breakfast and pour champagne into raspberries and drink tiny sips at a time. Did you know I'm a professional belly dancer, helicopter pilot and the person who decides what the IKEA showrooms look like? I'm also a very good actor. But most of the time I'm just a dreamer, living on love and coconut water. Always in search of hidden gems. Spending most of my time on the road, but once in a while bumping into a little piece of paradise. As soon as I set foot in Maleny, I knew I found a treasure. Surrounded by bright green rainforests and the stunning Glasshouse Mountains. Populated by beautiful hippies. Floating around, enjoying life in a commune named Crystal Waters. Moon goddess tea, bathing in the creek, kangaroos and dingos in the garden, tarot cards, sunbathing on the couch, glow in the dark mushrooms, full moon and a golden cardboard box filled with love stories.

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