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If the first of May represents a new beginning, this must have been the start of my all-dance-no-sleep life in Australia. Again. It's just hard to say no to festivals. And whoever has seen the movie 'Yes Man' knows what I'm talking about when all I want to eat for the rest of my life is a big bowl of YES. Saying yes to almost everything might deprive you from a good night's sleep, but you'll have loads of fun instead. The places you go and the people you meet by forgetting about the existence of no as an answer are endless. I'm not a planner and chaos rules my head, so yelling yes to impulsive ideas is how I travel. When Pete offered me a ride in his truck and a free ticket to Wintermoon, I was about to jump through the ceiling with joy. Dress-ups, tie-dyes, rainbows, unicorns, music and good vibes: here I come! Again! I camped in the middle of a rainforest for four days, joined the lantern parade, took numerology classes, swam in the ice cold creek, floated around in my flower dress and danced until I dropped. While Siskin River blew my mind with their songs, The Folding Kind sent me off to happy daydreams. It was The Perch Creek Family Jug Band that made me and all the other hippies get on our feet and tap dance like there was no tomorrow.

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