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Pretty prince of parties

If every town in Australia was a person, Airlie Beach would be the Prince of Parties. Something like this: The music is non-stop, happy hour is longer than your body can take and beer is your breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's a place where backpackers go to see the Whitsundays, fall in one-night love and party hard. The Chersonissos of Australia, yes indeed. To be honest, I didn't mind. I spent plenty of time around waterfalls and rainforests so I was happy to be shaking the flowers off my head and dance in a real bar again. After a couple of nights in Airlie Beach I lost my voice completely and for someone like me, it's hard to live without talking 24/7. Let me tell you, I talk a lot more than I write and I sing like a cat. All the time. I was ready to leave my dancing shoes (read: flipflops) behind and go on a boat trip along the magical Whitsunday islands. Ah, relaxing and snorkeling, nice and easy. Little did I know I would come back totally exhausted from partying. Yes, even on the boat there is time for a boogie. To be continued!

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