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Life on a boat

If you read this blog every now and then, you must have noticed something. Life in Australia is pretty good. Bloody fucking amazing to be honest. And just when you think things can't get any better, you end up on a boat cruising around the stunning Whitsunday islands. I was lucky to find a beautiful boat with an awesome crowd of people, funky tunes, enough wetsuits for hours of water fun and... A jacuzzi! Don't space out, take deep breaths and balance on one leg. But the boat had a freaking jacuzzi! Yes indeed, a jacuzzi on a boat. A boat, in the Whitsundays, involving a jacuzzi. Everything should be this perfect. Imagine staring at a sky covered in shiny stars and the moon shaped like the smiling cat in Alice in Wonderland. Your body bubbling away in the warm jacuzzi, a glass of wine in your hand and new friends all around you. Thinking about the crazy under water world you discovered that day. Then a midnight swim and dancing all over the boat. A couple of hours later you are pushed in the water with your wetsuit, to go snorkeling right before sunrise. Swimming with turtles and Nemos and then back to the jacuzzi. Happy days!

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