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While travelling I'm constantly amazed by all the helping hands people offer me. Every person who has given me a lift, cooked up a feast, shared wonderful stories or welcomed me into a warm home gets a loud THANK YOU and a hug so big their face turns purple. And hundreds of stories. Did I tell you I love to talk? And some days I love to bake. I've been baking Belgian chocolate brownies like I fear the world will come to an end and with it all the chocolate supplies. So I bake until I drop. No better way to say thank you then a crispy dark chocolate brownie crust filled with hot chocolate. On a chocolate plate on a table made of white chocolate in a chocolate chip house. Or just brownie. After Happy Daze festival my body was craving cosiness, sleep and sugar. Dan and Lolovai provided me with all of it in their lovely home in Townsville. They showed me around the beautiful botanical garden, made me eat my body volume in ice cream (they didn't really make me, but it's so hard to say no to chocolate gelati) and took me to places where my name was written on a wall and the clock tells you when it's haloumi wrap time.

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