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Am I dreaming?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. I still see Belgium as my reality and Australia as my dream life. Where alarm clocks, make up and responsibilities are thrown away and replaced by impulsive adventures, hairy legs and freedom. Where there is no need to make plans, because they always change when better ideas come around. I thought I wanted to stay in Mission Beach but I ended up spending the night in the magnificent Paronella Park. I had to pinch myself about two hundred times that evening. What was once a little castle where live music was played on the first floor and ladies twirled their dresses around the menfolk in the ball room, is now a charming overgrown ruin with a never ending garden. Camouflage trees, crazy coloured flowers and the spectacular waterfall give you the feeling you're walking around in a fairy tale. The crocodiles remind you you're in Australia.

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