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A slice of paradise

Remember how your mom used to say to always wear nice undies in case you get hit by a bus? In Cedar Bay, you can forget about that wisdom and wearing undies in general, because there are no buses! There are no cars, planes, McDonalds or Starbucks either. You get your water from the creek, your electricity is the fire, there are fish in the sea to be caught and coconuts to be found underneath trees. You do the dishes in the ocean but after dark you stay in the forest because crocs are patrolling the beach. Watch out if you go for a midnight pee behind your tent, there might be wild pigs chasing you.

Ah Cedar Bay, a slice of Australian heaven where hippies used to live from love and coconuts until the cops kicked them out. You are only allowed to camp in a national park if you have a permit, or you ignore the sign and hide in the bush, like us. It's a five hour hike through rainforest and rocky beach to get to this paradise. Or you can take a boat there so you don't have to carry your bags and you have more time to cook creative meals (carrot cake on a campfire!), swim, body paint, draw mandalas in the sand, collect shells, tell stories and celebrate no-pants weekends.

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