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Nudity in national parks

Whatever your question may be, the answer can always include a national park or two. See for yourself: Where do I have to go if I want to swim with freshwater crocodiles? Any national park in the Northern Territory! What time is it? National park time! Where can I run around naked like a mad bush woman and feature in many tourist pictures? National parks!

Try it, it really works!

Whether you want to soak up breath taking views, hug trees, bathe in hot springs, dance around the bush, swim in your birthday suit under waterfalls or smell flowers, the national parks in the Northern Territory have got it all. For the less hippie ones: you can also keep your clothes on. But most people that got eaten by a croc, were wearing a bathing suit.

Conclusion: wearing a bikini attracts crocodiles. So for safety and survival reasons; swim naked!

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