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Balinese goodness

Whether you want alcohol poisoning or just a tan, Bali has it all. I'm talking cocktails served in coconuts (covered in umbrellas en flowers) so sweet they leave you with your teeth sticking together and a tongue bright smurf blue. Next to the drunken coconut on the table: mountains of piping hot fried rice. The view: sunset over the ocean like you've never seen before. Toes in the sand and arms waving around like a mad woman while talking non-stop. We spent nine months on different sides of the world and we decided to reunite in the most wonderful place to catch up, eat, drink and enjoy some good ol' family time before the 'real life' starts again. That's right, I met up with my mum and dad in Bali!

The moment we saw each other at the airport is best described as a bad Hollywood movie. Running into each others arms in slow motion, crying, hugging, laughing... And talking for 24 hours straight. We had A LOT to catch up. I told them about my crazy Aussie adventures and they kept me posted on all the important Belgian news. We have a new king and Astrid Bryan and den John are divorced. I can't believe I missed out on all that.

Balinese family time means pure happiness. Days were spent telling stories, swimming, reading, taking a balinese cooking class with mum, snorkeling with dad, drinking obscure liquors and eating like a queen. Like the queen of Fatland. Population: black rice pudding, selamat cookies, banana pancakes, fluorescent drinks and all things chocolate.

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