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Friends my dog ate

Working in the outback is a great opportunity to let the nature loving hippie inside of you run free and make friends with all living creatures around. If my dog doesn't get them first. Having a dog following me like a little puppy is nice. But be aware! He might look as cute as a biscuit, but he still packs a punch. He will steal baby kangaroos from their mums pouch and brutally eat them alive. Just for the heck of it. And then bring you the leftovers as a surprise.

I personally prefer festival tickets or lipstick but oh thank you for that piece of dead baby kangaroo. What a wonderful present.

I didn't have time to take a picture of Jean-Luc (the kangaroo) while he was still happily hopping about and living. But other friends were caught on camera before dying a bloody death between the teeth of my tiny dog.

The dog doesn't like it when things stare at him. So this beautiful creature had to go.

My new feathered friend. Who lived in my hand the whole morning after some dog had her wing for breakfast.

What a nice doggie, looking at the flowers in the tree.

Don't be fooled by his innocence. he ate all the bats who lived in that tree.

I did make one friend the dog didn't eat. I think her beard freaked him out.

Conclusion: the only way to survive is by growing a beard.

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