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From Bangkok to beach life

Bangkok was about half as hectic as my flight there. Squeezed in between two big bald men on a plane filled with crying babies, I arrived in Thailand with a jetlag people would pay a lot of money for. All of that disappeared when I saw my love waiting for me at the airport. Is there anything better in life than people waiting for you to arrive in a strange country, hug your lungs out and throw you in a tuktuk straight to new adventures? No, there isn't. Except if that person has a bar of Belgian chocolate.

Anyway, Bangkok was crazy and fun as ever. Meeting up with friends from all over the world, eating pad thai, drinking chang and watching live magic shows. Not to be confused with the famous pingpong shows, where magical things happen too. After two days all nine of us got on a night bus and boat to Tonsai Beach. A beautiful piece of paradise where we lived the perfect beach life for a couple of days. Swimming, kayaking, massages on the beach, walking with monkeys and squirrels in rainforests, watching the sunset with our feet in the sand and sleeping under the stars.

Life is beautiful!

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