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Thai paradise

Koh Tao must be one of my favourite islands on the planet. After five days and nights of dancing on top of a hill at Experience festival, we rented bikes and drove through the jungle, looking for the most beautiful beaches and the best Thai massage. We found what we were searching for and it was good. Oh, how good it was! Letting an old Thai lady crack all the bones in my body while falling asleep and waking up feeling light as a feather. But looking like I just got run over by a truck.

There is nothing a snorkel session can't fix, so me and my broken body decided to go for a mission: swim in the ocean every day of the new year. So far so good! I bought a pair of goggles and floated around the whole island. It was magical. I fell in love with fish so much the thought of getting one tattooed on my arm was crossing my mind. But then we found this gorgeous blue butterfly on the road. Love hit me hard and I felt like a confused teenager. I couldn't stop thinking about this amazing creature! Until we bumped into a bungalow with ocean view and called it our home. Watching the sunset from our balcony, while music played and new dance moves were invented. That's when I realised I'm madly in love with life.

And I would be going back to the country of my dreams soon. Australia, I'm ready for more of your craziness and adventures. Your festivals, smiley people and ridiculously expensive everything. I will spend my money on road trips, wine in bags and wedding dresses. And sticky date pudding. Lemon meringue cake. Chocolate fountains filled with happiness. By the time I leave this place, I will be fat and I will be broke. And it will be worth it! Anyway, who cares if you end up poor? Isn't that the point of youth?

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