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Rainbow Serpent festival

In Australia, road trips are part of the daily life. You get treated to gorgeous landscapes, sunny days, starry skies and always something to look forward to at the end of a tiring trip. In our case, Rainbow Serpent festival was waiting for us, about 2000 kilometers from Byron Bay. And what a journey it was! Within the first hours, we got spoiled with double rainbows, lightning storms and a spectacular sunset. For two days straight we drove, sang, napped and stopped for coffee about 17 times. And there, in the Victorian desert, we arrived smelling like dirty hippies ready for a hell of a good time. Rainbow, we were ready!

the first thing I noticed was this festival was unlike anything I had ever seen before. Fifteen thousand dressed up people dancing around like one big colour explosion. From the jolly Gourmet Goons sporting enormous mustaches to overexcited types dressed like the kind of clown you wouldn't let your kids near. After minutes of manically rifling through my floordrobe, I decided my wedding dress was going to be my festival outfit. BAM. Instant life enhancer! I got married for the fourth time, had a free coffee, worked all day in the Gourmet Goons' kitchen, danced in the dust, ran behind water trucks and all of that without getting the dress extremely dirty. I love being a bride! And I'm really good at it, too.

As the old saying goes, if you're tired of getting married and wearing your wedding dress 24 hours a day, you're tired of life. But it got hot. Real hot. Especially under a multi layer dress that has shoulder pads and fake boobs added to the design. It's a whole lot to carry around when temperatures rise over 40 degrees. So I bought two pairs of wedding hotpants. The saleswoman promised me my inner tigress would emerge and seduction would become my super-power. Also, I might get swamped by young men. After hearing that, I didn't even bother wearing a skirt, I just wanted to show my new undies to the world! I realised this festival might be the only opportunity to wear my underpants outside without being arrested. I was even working in the food stall, selling plates of kangaroo while wearing my wedding panties. And it was glorious! From now on, I vote for no pants weekends!

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