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Organic farming in the mountains

We decided to take a holiday from the Kathmandu chaos and disappeared in the Nepalese mountains for a couple of days. We met the amazing Krishna, ever smiling trekking guide and owner of an organic farm homestay with a view people just can't get enough of. Well I can't. So for days and nights we sat on our balcony or in one of the huts and just stared at the horizon. Watching the mountains come and go. Sometimes there would be three of them, then the mist would move and four others would pop up. Nature tv, it's the best. As we watched the mist and the mountains play their game of hide and seek, Krishna told stories of Hindu goddesses, trekking adventures and the happy organic farm life. Smiles and chillum were shared. They call marihuana a weed for a reason, the mountains are covered in the green goodness.

Apart from the endless amounts of ganja, Krishnas farm was bursting with corn, hairy potato, yam, bananas, monkey fruit, ginger, garlic, grapes, almonds and more. All organic and planted with love. We learned how to make ginger jam and monkey fruit candy by using his home made drying house. Krishna was happy to share his knowledge of organic farming and jungle exercising. He told us all about bio gas (your poo becomes light and fire!) and how to make organic insecticide (your pee mixed with herbs!). The days started with a jungle run and a yoga session under the rising sun. After teaching us all about organic farming, making endless cups of lemongrass tea and feeding us hairy potatoes and dahl baath, Krishna would light a camp fire, play the djembe and shant until the stars started to dance.

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