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Running for the new year

While Belgian friends are bragging about the amount of easter eggs they found in the garden, I'm still busy celebrating Nepalese new year. In Pokhara we started 2071 with a race through the streets. Nice prizes were to be won, like paragliding trips and free dinners. Even for just participating, I received a voucher for a free cocktail and a T-shirt. And I choose free cocktails over free dinners anytime of the day, that's why I ended up last in the race. Dean was more ambitious (and sporty) and became fifth... Barefoot! True Aussie style ;)

Purple and proud, I arrived at the finish long after the others. But I got my certificate and to celebrate, we went out for cold beers. It was already 10 am so that's alright. Tomorrow was going to be a new year, so we would enjoy 2070 while it lasted with more beers and happy hour cocktails. At 8 pm we were neck and neck at the snoring competition. We even forgot to get our free cocktail.

But here it is, proof of our running abilities, fuelled by liters of coffee (Dean) and buckets of sweat (me).

Happy 2071 everyone!

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