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Trekking like real trekkers

A couple of weeks ago Dean and I decided to do the exact same thing as millions of other travellers in Nepal. We went trekking! Not the Annapurna circuit (too many tourists) or Everest base camp (too commercial) but the unknown Panchase trek. It was perfect for us, locals of the Pokhara area. Most of all it was perfect because it was only a four day hike. And 2500 meters of climbing up steps seemed enough for a completely unexperienced trekker like myself, and a person who doesn't own a pair of shoes like Dean.

After a month of living in Pokhara, I noticed I always looked down when people asked me what treks I had done so far. I mumbled I didn't trek, I just did a lot of walking, from restaurant to cocktailbar to the grocery shop and then all around the house. From the bed to the fridge, and back. I didn't dare to say the only activities I had been doing for the last months were all related to chilling out and laying down.

People from all over the world fly to Nepal to climb these magnificent mountains. I've been here twice in four years time and find it surprisingly easy to postpone any big treks to the next time I'm in Nepal. Then, I'll be ready. I'll be fit and prepared and able to walk up a hill without turning purple and fainting. Next time, for sure!

But not this time. This Nepali adventure is one of relaxing, reading books in hammocks, eating local food, sipping on cocktails and doing the occasional rafting trip and yoga class, for that absolute minimum of exercise in your life. I do feel like exploring every single mountain village and talking with locals and stealing cute little goats. Then turn them into my hairy babies and eat ice cream as a family. We would jump around together, all dressed up in the same fairy outfits.

So, trekking. It was great! Sunrise breakfast, jungle walks, buffalo encounters, sweet berry picking, snowy mountain peaks, living with a permanent amazing view, homestay in a village consisting of 34 people, climbing seven billion steps to the peak of sacred mountain Panchase. We didn't get lost! But we did almost get murdered by hungry monkeys.

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