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A home made of chocolate

Oh, you're back! Perfect timing: I'm back too! While enjoying summer in Belgium, Italy and Portugal, I moved around mostly without anything that can connect to wifi. And it felt gooood. But now I'm back home sweet home in good ol' tiny Belgium AND I collected many stories for you to read.

Things happened. Crazy emotional rollercoasters that left me drinking flower elixirs and made me stand up paddle for hours to paddle the thoughts out of my head. Amazingly beautiful moments with even more wonderful people. Unforgettable adventures and unexpected paths leading me being back home. And I'm loving every single second of it. After moving around so much, it feels goddamn great to ground myself in a place that is old but still new, when looking at it through different eyes. I've been home for five days now and I'm not feeling any itch under my feet. What is happening to me? Am I NESTING? Settling down and finding a job and buying a house and staying in one place forever?

Hahaha! No way! My wings want to fly as soon as the wind gets stronger, but for now it's quiet. Nice. This is new. Well, as long as there will be llamas living in Ghent and Joske the peacock wanders around Leuven, I'm happy to put my backpack down and breathe in the air of fresh belgian chocolate for a while.

Maybe a little while :)

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