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A summer of festivals

Every year it's the same story. The first day of summer, my heart starts beating a little faster. Not because of the sun on my face or the fact that people wear less clothing. Absolutely not because of that. No really, what do think of me?

Okay, it does make my heart beat like a jungle drum and it's hard to hide a smile that covers my entire face. Hooray for summer! Let's celebrate by throwing away our clothes! But what I really wanted to say was: I get overexcited with FESTIVALS. Not nudity. Music! Concerts! Live bands! Drummers! Day time dancing in fields! THAT's what gets me through winter. The idea of a festival filled summer. The smell of beer and sweat. Hmmmmm. Goodness.

I spent June and most of July on Belgian festivals. Then I headed for Portugal, because BOOM festival was calling my name and haunting my dreams. So I had to go and see for myself what this big psychedelic gathering was about. I will tell you aaaall about it in the next post, this one is on the sweet summer festivals in Belgium, more specific Rock Werchter. The reason I decided to hang around 80 000 old rockers for a day was to see one band live now they are still alive and kicking. Exactly. The Rolling Stones.

Of course my camera had no battery left by the time they jumped on stage. And clearly I was dancing too hard to Seasick Steve to even think about taking pictures. I'm not so much into documenting every second of my life on camera, but I did want to remind myself why these massive festivals don't do it for me anymore. Ten thousands of people sitting down. No decoration, no crazy party atmosphere. But a legendary headliner.

After many psytrance festivals in Australia and Nepal, it felt gooood to see some amazing live music. But I missed dancing day and night in a magical forest, surrounded by colourful people. Rolling Stones, you were great, but Boom was the party that blew my mind.

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