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One week of madness: Boom festival

I'm going to be honest with you. You know I always am. If you read my little stories from time to time, you might find out some things about me. Like my love for hippie festivals. And beards, wedding dresses and skinny dipping. At Boom festival I didn't have a wedding dress, so mostly there was minimal clothing involved. I wish running around in the nude would always be as possible and easy as at Boom. Like going to the bakery, naked. Visiting a museum with no clothes. The whole world would be a better, hilarious place! Think of the advantages when shopping: all the money you would save on not buying clothes!

But - there is a but. When I swim and run around wearing nonexistent outfits, there is mostly an nonexistent bag without handy things like for example, a camera. Not many pictures were taken those seven days with my little camera. Do go check out Boom Festival photos on Google, it's an absolute out of this world festival. I felt like Alice in Wonderland in between morning time dancing, sunset meditations, full moon magic and all the crazy people/parties/things happening everywhere. Boom was a big playground for adults. 40 000 happy hippies gathered in Portugal for a party they wouldn't easily forget.

It was an unforgettable week for many reasons. New perspectives, dreams and true friendships were created. Expanding and growing by letting go. I knew this week was going to be transformational. Many friends warned me: it's not a festival, it's a life changing experience. They made me curious. I looked forward to it for months and expected my life would transform into one where fireworks go off daily and every moment is like a big fat cake with whipped cream and sunshine and happiness. And rainbows coming out of my ass. Or something.

Instead it was like I got eaten up by a massive animal, swallowed down and spit back out. And slowly I turned inside out and realised what it was all about. Everything happens for a reason. While I was at the festival, I couldn't see through the whirlwind I was in, but now I'm home and reflect upon those seven days of madness, it's oh so clear. Life has been one step ahead of me, now it's time to keep up and savour seconds. Do the things that are most important to me, like hanging out with friends and taking time to enjoy the small pleasures in life. Instead of travelling around, looking for happiness in the furthest corners of the world, I'm finding it right here.

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