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Oh Lisboa

The last two weeks of August I spent mostly in and around Lisbon. This beautiful city brought back memories of old loves, late night dancing, meeting friends from all over the world in the narrow alleys under street lights and loud music. It felt great to recognise places and their faces from years ago. Many hours were devoured writing letters in my favourite green space Jardim Das Amoreiras, smelling flowers in the botanical garden and drinking bottomless cups of tea.

While writing this I'm going back to summer mornings in Portugal. The smell of strong coffee, pasteis de nata and pink flowers started my days. There was lots of wandering around aimlessly. I talked to strangers. Bought expensive bras. I don't wear bras. I didn't care. I was lost and the city carried me to the places I needed to be. I sang to a tree. Ice cream was sweet and wine was cheap. Jazz festivals in a park and fado in a tiny restaurant. Story telling nights in unexpected places. Lisbon showed me her poetry. I lost my heart somewhere along the way.

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