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Perfume letters

Today I heard a story. Of an old lady who loves so deeply it makes my heart do a little dance. She loves a man who had to move to a nursing home where he spends most of his days in bed. His joy is (what many of us will agree is the best thing in life): receiving love letters from his lady. He can't read them so the nurse sits down next to his bed and reads the written words out loud. Even though his eyes are not working so well anymore, he sees the geraniums blossom when he opens the envelope. He takes a deep breath and smells her presence.

On every letter she writes to the love of her life, she adds a drop of essential oil of geranium. So he feels she is with him. Scents have the power to take him back to a moment in the past. To a time when he sat next to her at the breakfast table, sharing strong coffee and sweet words. When their home was still home. Where geraniums blossomed. To a time when she smelled like geraniums. To a time when the flowers smelled like her.

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