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No place like Brussels

Love hit me hard. It happened last weekend. The capital of Belgium never looked more beautiful in the late summer sun. My heart was beating to get out of the door, into the city. People were ordering colourful flavours of ice cream like it's the most normal thing to do, on a random Saturday in October. In Belgium. This. Is. Not. Normal. But it is so goddamn gooooooood! My crush on Brussels is back, and I think it's here to stay. For a while at least. As long as the sun is out, I'm in a passionate relationship with Brussels. Friends from different corners of the world are here. Amazing parties are here. Live music, half en half (cava with white wine!) and laughing until I fall on the floor and lose my voice are here. Oh yeah, Belgian chocolate is here.

Now, where is my wedding dress?!

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