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Portuguese paradise

I know, I know. I've been back in Belgium for two months now, but I'm still dreaming about Portugal on a daily basis. Dreams of leaving it all behind and hitching to one of my favourite countries. Where the sun never sets. Where the people are sweet as apple pie. Where memories of food and wine make me drool all over my laptop. If I wouldn't have so much fun in Brussels with friends and herbalism studies, I would move to Portugal, no doubt.

August was the perfect month for an identity crisis because I fell in love with Lisbon, which brought out the city girl in me. And she was screaming with joy while wandering around colourful streets, visiting one museum after another, sipping cold wine on terraces overlooking the whole city. It was good to be back in a city. You see, I spent a lot of time in New Zealand, Australian, Thai and Nepalese nature. Living in rainforests, on bounty beaches, cooking on a fire in the woods. That's when I realised: I LOVE NATURE! But Lisbon slapped me in the face: NO, YOU ARE A CITY GIRL, GO PUT ON SOME LIPSTICK AND WASH YOUR HAIR YOU SMELLY HIPPY!

I went a bit crazy while shopping (I hadn't seen the inside of a shop for I don't know how long) and had people put make up on my face until I looked like a tranny. I was even close to shaving my legs. That's when my friend Duarte threw me in his car and drove me straight to the South of Portugal, to a place called A Terra somewhere in between Lisbon and Lagos. The hippy in me was back and threw away her clothes to go swimming in the fresh water lake. It was absolute paradise. Two amazing people: Claudia and Francisco, turned their dream into reality and built a beautiful tipi camp. I still have to pinch myself when I look at these pictures: is this real? Was I really there, singing under the stars, sleeping in a massive yurt, eating the best food and celebrating life with new friends? YES! It was such an unreal experience staying in A Terra. I would recommend everyone to add this one to your list of 'places to go in this world'. Don't even write it down, just go. Go! You will come back a better person. I did. My leg hair is still grateful for this journey to paradise. for more laptop drooling!

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