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Seaside grannies

We woke up fresh and full of energy, even though most of the night was spent on a dance floor. Today we had big plans. The sun was shining and the ocean was calling. But our enthusiasm got lost somewhere in between Brussels and Ghent, where the train was so packed it was impossible to talk without spitting on the people next to us. It reminded me of a bus trip in Nepal, where everyone kind of sits on everyone's lap.

At last, fresh air! Sea breeze! Shrimp cocktail! After one hell of a strong coffee the enthusiasm was back. YES! We're here, now let's soak up sea side culture! It was hard choosing between the Marvin Gaye tour and the exhibition at Mu.Zee. We decided to think about it real good while laying on the sand.

No tours were followed that day and the closest we got to soaking up culture was eating hot cherry pie and pancakes on a terrace in the sun.

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